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Our core Business

Our core Business

AK Construction is a registered contractor in the Department of Electrical Distribution Company of Chhattisgarh State (C.S.P.D.C.L) Both For Electrical & Civil works.

Our core Business:-
* *Installation of 33/11 KV Substation,
* *Up Gradation of 33/11 KV Substation,
* *Institution of 33 KV lines on Bare conductor & XLPE Cables,
* *Installation of 11 KV Substation,
* *Erection& commissioning of LT Lines of PCC poles & Iron Supports on Cables & bare conductors with all sizes.
Right now we have undergoing projects with CSPDCL & NHAI in Chhattisgarh State. We have executed the shifting of distribution electrical lines for BSCPL at NH 6 from Chainage 88 to 165 successfully of about 10 Cr. Along with this we are executing the left work of shifting of utility of another party for BSPCL chainage 165 to 230 of approximate 2.5 Cr.

Work Experience from CSPDCL

* * LT Lines on cable & Conductors :- 5000 Km
* * Distribution Transformers :- 1000 No.
* * 11 KV lines :- 1050 Km
* * 33 KV lines :- 400 Km

We have regular work in Dharsiwa&TildaTulsi area along with base camp & stores with all the equipment's& skilled Manpower. The area from Siltara to Bilaspur is having lots of industrial areas in which the shutdown of electrical lines is given for very short time & once in a week. Our skilled worker have experience of executing the work in this kind of pressure time. We are having the modern techniques for the executing the works in shot time. Along with that we have 2 No 5 MVA 33/11 KV Substation work under process with about 50 km of 33 KV lines, 5 no 5 MVA Additional Transformer works With Addl. 33 KV& 11 KV Bays, About 20 Projects for Supply& Installation of Capacitor banks.